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Bathroom Made Entirely From Belgian Chocolate Costs $133K

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Because there isn't a soul out there who doesn't secretly wish their tub, sink, and toilet tasted a lot more like dessert, candy company Choccywoccydoodah just unleashed an entire bathroom set sculpted from 100% Belgian chocolate upon the world, asking a measly $133K for the highly unsanitary set-up. Apparently inspired by "the common confusion of 'suite' and 'sweet' in web searches," the "bathroom sweet" (get it?) adds up to an estimated 9.4 million calories, and has a shelf life of just six months. It doesn't look like Choccywoccydoodah will be putting IKEA out of business anytime soon, but anyone who's interested does have the extremely good fortune of having a perfectly matched dining room and bedroom and beach house escape all ready to go.

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