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Come Explore the World's Only Underground Bunker Town

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Forced underground by insane desert temperatures—think 125 °F on an average day— the 2,000 residents of Coober Pedy, Australia have taken their entire (waterless!) mining village underground, marking the first-ever subterranean town on the planet. Known for supplying most of the world's opals, the entire population is connected through a complex system of underground dugouts, with about 1,500 "dug-out" homes, and an impressive amount of underground bars, shops, museums and churches. Ranging between 8 and 22-feet below ground, each structure is, of course, properly ventilated and stocked with "modern amenities," save for bathrooms which come socked away near the cave entrances. While photos of the way down-under community are fascinating, and a good bit less creepy than any state-side bunkers to date, they're probably still a patently bad choice for anyone with even the slightest touch of claustrophobia. Take a look:

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