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Take a 'Strangely Poetic' Tour of This High-Design Cemetery

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"The graveyard is a metaphor that contains death and appreciates the earthly life," says Bangladeshi firm SHATOTTO Architects of their supremely stylish, "strangely poetic" SA Family Graveyard in Noakhali, Bangladesh. "This triggered the design to create a transcending space connecting the temporal to the celestial being through a frame made of concrete." Indeed, in a place where modern design is often (but not always) overlooked in favor of classically shaped mausoleums and tombs, the high-design cement pavilion stands out with its angular boxing canopy, single bench—a breezy "place of contemplation," in the words of the architects, marble tiled flooring—and surrounding paddy fields and palm trees. Find a few more pictures, below, then head over to Architizer for the full gallery.

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