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$85M L.A. Home is a Crash Course in Gross Millionaire Decor

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Off in Beverly Hills lies a 23,000-square-foot megalomansion that warns viewers to "be prepared for an overwhelming sensory experience unlike any you've felt before." That sensory experience could be described as stepping inside a home decorated by an obscenely rich perma-child whose primary passions in life are sports cars and Fight Club. Recently featured on Curbed LA after Homes of the Rich received a tip that its unannounced asking price is a staggering $85M, the shamelessly appointed contemporary is a great introduction to decorating like the young (at heart), rich, and tasteless, which we've broken down into 22 essential steps. This way for Yves Saint Laurent fire extinguishers, chrome machine guns, candy rooms, and more:

22. Giant grenades in silver and royal blue.

21. Bar guitars.

20. A set of eight barstools that look like tortured leather cushions.

19. Motorcycles displayed on metal platforms in front of pictures of James Dean on a motorcycle.

18. Giant cameras perched atop roadie cases.

17. Bentley pillows.

16. A chrome machine gun next to a James Bond coffee table book.

15. Tiny bronze dancers hoisting antique goblets.

14. A home office with supervillain chairs, a grid of industrial light fixtures, and a thin marble desk accented with a rhinoceros-statue paperweight.

13. A Yves Saint Laurent fire extinguisher displayed in the bathroom. Update: Bonus points for pairing it with Louis Vuitton and Chanel devices.

12. A candy room.

11. A combined showroom/game room/bar with a Spyker on display. Update: And, as an eagled-eyed commenter points out, a $3M Jean-Pierre Wimille Bugatti.

10. A lucite pool table.

9. A circular light-up infinity pool fed by arcing jet fountains.

8. Chunky and too-deep beige chairs on the bar-equipped patio.

7. Blue velour rafts with fancy bikini ladies lounging on them.

6. A poorly stocked, lonely-looking handbag room clad in striped marble.

5. A companion boutique stocked with musket pistols.

4. Leopard-print bedding.

3. Addition Leopard-print bedding.

2. Yet more Leopard-print bedding.

1. Electric-blue bedding with Leopard-print pillows.

Not satisfied with the lessons learned here? Check out an alternative seminar entitled "How to be a Billionaire in 14 Easy Decorating Steps." In the meantime, check out more listing photos, below.

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