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Chile's Bridge House Crosses Right Over a Stream

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In their telling, Aranguiz-Bunster Arquitectos chose to model this 2010 home on a bridge to "allow the project to be inserted into the forest without dramatically altering the major components of the environment." To that end, the only parts that touch the ground are two concrete plinths, a large foundational block on the south side of the stream and a smaller support on the north side. Between them, a trio of 40-foot steel beams supports the living room, which stretches through a glass-sided corridor criss-crossed by timber beams.

To the north, the kitchen and dining room sit to one end of the home's large, open-space communal hallway, seen above with rock-climbing holds nailed into some of the interior beams. (Ideally, the nice display of ceramics gets moved when it comes time to work on that grip strength.)

The bedrooms are found at the opposite side, in a volume clad in corrugated metal panels raised above the stream-spanning section, high enough to allow for a "clear and distant view through the treetops." Head to Dezeen to tour the project in full.

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