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Disturbingly Gaudy Bathroom is Too Sassy for its $1.65M Home

"From the street, all is well with the placid white late Victorian duplex," says Curbed San Francisco of this six-bedroom, 3,845-square-foot home. "Inside, however, the bathroom appears to be in the throes of a midlife crisis." Indeed, the rather sad little listing—on the market for $1.65M—is mostly pretty conservative, and even pretty, with simple white moldings, a few fireplaces, and a handful of not-terrible chandeliers. It's just the deeply leopard-printed bathroom, complete with all-black appliances, a gold leaf ceiling, and, for no conceivable reason, saloon-style doors. Surely there's some gregarious home out there that would welcome this gaudy decor with open, bangle-covered arms, but this "downright Puritan" spread is simply not it.

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