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Drop $145 and Spend the Night at Jimi Hendrix's Hawaiian Hut

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Amongst their vast compendium of notable, off-the-beaten-path vacation homes, rental site Airbnb is currently offering nine glamorous pads that once housed celebrities like Julie Andrews, Orson Welles, Denzel Washington, and—as pictured—Jimi Hendrix. Available for $145 a night, the psychedelic rock legend's 1970 Maui vacation cottage (he stayed here while filming Rainbow Bridge) was originally built in the 1930s, but comes newly remodeled, with a combination living room and bedroom, double-height skylights, and cathedral-style ceilings. Surrounding the sweet, gingerbread house exterior are 4.5 acres of private land, a vegetable farm, fruit trees, and the island's "Sacred Garden." Find another shot, below, then check out the full list (keep an eye out for Iggy Pop's shockingly tidy former South Beach pad and Bing Crosby's Old Hollywood pad,) this way.

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