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Sou Fujimoto Bus Stop Shut Down By Unignorable Sign

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A bus shelter in the town of Krumbach, Austria, has been closed to prevent "possible accidents," reports Dezeen. But not just any bus shelter! This one was designed by grid-loving, nature-enthused Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, who created it for his entry into BUS:STOP, a design bonanza that brought brand new bus stops to Krumbach by seven different architects. Thanks to a few pesky Austrian building codes, the copse of white steel bamboo stalks—brave, as high-design bus shelters go, for the complete lack of shelter it offered—has been blocked by a chain barrier hung with a sign reading "This is a work of art. Do not enter."

According to Dezeen, the sign, which inadvertently touches upon the ongoing debate about whether or not architecture is art, was put in place after "after an intervention by local police." Luckily, director of Vienna architecture museum and project curator Dietmar Steiner has a perfect solution: "everybody can climb up the stairs by ignoring the sign. The construction is stable enough to allow it."

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