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London's 'Ugly' Brutalist Landmark is So Hot Right Now

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Once at the very top of polls naming it public eyesore number one, London's Brutalist Barbican Complex has, according to the Wall Street Journal, surged into high demand, with units in the former housing project selling like hotcakes served in a 40-acre concrete fortress, some for as much as $3M. Though one resident reports that (probably American) tourists have approached him on at least one occasion asking how he could ever live in such a dingy place, the Barbican's residents now include, as the Journal writes, "some of the city's top architects, academics and bankers, who moved there partly for its prime location in the financial district."

That, and the fact that "living at the Barbican feels more akin to life in a village than in the heart of a major metropolis," one with close access to one of Europe's performing arts venues. "Cool for the Barbican," said America's snubbed and demolished Brutalist icons.

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