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Here Now, Walter Gropius Architecture Built From Ikea Parts

While the scope of most people's Ikea hacking tends to venture no further than a MALM flipped on its side or a couple of LACKs reconfigured as room dividers, artist Jeff Carter has instead taken to the Swedish furnishing giant to recreate seven buildings from the now-demolished Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, all of which were designed by lauded Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. With the help of a few flat-pack favorites combined with electric motors, random light fixtures, and even a smattering CD and DVD players thrown into the mix, the Linear Accelerator series reinterprets the original modernist architecture into abstract but recognizable miniatures, all of which can conveniently still serve as (deeply strange) side tables and storage units. Take a look at the real buildings matched with their artsy counterparts, below:

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