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Take A Look at This Mammoth Mountain Trail Map From 1965

On today's time-traveling journey into the ski maps of yesteryear, we're headed to Mammoth Mountain, California. Originally a gold mining town, Mammoth was a snow lover's paradise in the 1950s with portable rope tows that allowed skiing on McGee Mountain, Deadman Summit, and Conway Summit. When Dave McCoy installed the mountain's first chairlift in 1955, Chair 1 opened with two to three hour lift lines. Take a look at the mountain just 10 years later, in 1965. There were 2 T-bars and 6 double chairs. Not too shabby for 1960s skiing, that's for sure.

First, here's Mammoth Mountain in 1965 (click to expand):

Now see if you can spot all the changes. Here's Mammoth today (click to expand):

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