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Scientific Experiment Proves That Ikea Will Tear Love Apart

At this point, Ikea's power to test the bonds of love between even the happiest couples is a rather well-documented phenomena, thanks to HuffPo listicles, guerilla-style soap operas, and a one notable 30 Rock episode. This highly (not really) scientific experiment conducted by the folks at Buzzfeed, though, might be the first ever attempt to capture the flatpack furniture-spurred undoing in action. Observe as two couples—one long-term and one still basking in their honeymoon phase—are pitted against each other and faced with the deceptively simple task of assembling a "Micke" desk. At risk of spoiling the results, because, really, the mounting barbs and glances of barely concealed disgust are way too good to miss, the takeaway message does not bode well for the world's largest furniture retailer as a first date spot. Take a look:

The video:

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