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Zaha Hadid's Long-Awaited Office Blobs Are Nearly Complete

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The sensual-blob futurescape of Colorless swoop purveyor Zaha Hadid is nearly done, and Dezeen has the photographs to prove it. Call it what you will (giant pebbles, say, or monster jelly beans), Hadid's team technically envisioned Beijing's Wangjing SOHO to resemble a group of "Chinese fans that circle and embrace each other in an intricate dance." Whatever that means, it sounded pretty compelling to a competing developer, who, in January 2013, saw the plans and immediately jumped into building knock-off versions in Chongqing.

In these photos by German photographer Robert Herrmann, the edifice of Wangjing SOHO is pretty much done, and the blobs, abrupt and odd-looking in the surrounding landscape, look just as otherworldly as promised by the renderings—and the almost (or perhaps veritably) rendering-perfect inhabiting humans don't take away from its sci-fi feel. When the complex is ready (construction is supposed to end later this year), the trio will host 37 floors of offices, three floors of shops, and two basement levels of parking.

—Jenny Xie

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