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Sydney Abode Looks Like it Belongs to the Addams Family

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On the market for the first time since 1924, the wonderfully spooky Verulum estate in Sydney, Australia, just got launched into minor internet fame after being incorrectly pegged as the film locale of The Addams Family. While the crumbling, five-bedroom spread never actually housed the morose bunch (sorry,) it's easy to see how the tall tale spread, as the place looks downright haunted in a very Wednesday Addams-approved way. First built as a simple farmhouse and later converted into a gentleman's residence in 1873, the "rare treasure" offers original marble fireplaces, ornate ceilings, and verandah columns, along with (only slightly decrepit) stables around back, and even an air raid shelter and a safe house for emergency supplies. The home's auction starts on the 11th of September, and, according to the brokerbabble, should only go to buyer who isn't afraid to put in a whole lot of restoration work. Take a look, below:

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