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Here Now, the Arc de Triomphe Made With Two Tons of Bread

To raise awareness about food waste in Europe, artist and sustainability advocate Markus Jeschaunig crafted an activist spectacle sure to take home the superlative for "most likely to be covered in butter and eaten in the half-starved minutes before a salad course." But in all seriousness, the replica of Paris' iconic Arc de Triomphe was built from two tons (that's 4,000 pounds) of baguettes and other delicacies of the gluten-tolerant. For Austria's Lendwirbel Festival in 2012, Jeschaunig wanted to slide home his point by way of architectural monolith, that all the bread locked inside the structure's metal exoskeleton is but five percent of the amount of bread wasted in a year in Austria. He claims that "170,000 tons of enjoyable food end up in the trash, 70,000 tons of it is bread." What's more, the wasted food of Europe alone could feed twice the hungry of the world.

What became of the bread arc after the point was made? In keeping with the environmentally friendly theme, it was taken to a biogas plant and transformed into electricity.

—Kara King

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