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Tour the Boldest and Brightest Churches in the Hamptons

If you wake up in a place where the backdrop of residential architecture is mostly made up of sleek gray contemporaries, chic Dwell-approved post-and-beams, shingle-style estates once owned by Vanderbilts, adorable cottages, and $20M homes rather hilariously referred to as cottages, it's a pretty safe bet you are in the Hamptons. Writing for Architectural Digest, architect Lee F. Mindel introduces a lesser-known part of Long Island's aspiringly copied architectural legacy: its houses of worship, some of which are vibrantly colorful and surprisingly daring. One standout that Mindel, the designer of Ralph Lauren's Manhattan HQ and Sting's London townhouse, saw fit to include is St. Andrew's Dune Church in Southampton, a bright red building that was originally a lifesaving station, which he calls one of the Hampton's "great architectural wonders."

↑ The very boatlike interior of St. Andrew's Dune Church.

↑ Completed in 1988, architect Norman Jaffe's Jewish Center of the Hamptons in East Hampton was "initially met with great controversy because of his unique and bold modernist style."

↑ Architecture critic Paul Goldberger once called it "a building that is at once a gentle tent and a powerful monument, at once a civic presence that celebrates community and a place of quiet meditation that honors solitude."

Head to Architectural Digest for the full tour.

· Lee F. Mindel tours the most inspiring spiritual buildings of the Hamptons [Architectural Digest]