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At Long Last, You Can Spend the Night in Ikea's Fake Homes

In collaboration with vacation rental site Airbnb—no strangers to zany marketing campaigns—an Ikea locale in the Sydney suburb of Tempe, Australia is opening up three of its showrooms to overnight guests for the price of just about $10. The faux-apartment set-ups, already a popular place for sleepy shoppers to conk out, offer "rustic charm, modern elegance, and city living" options, which basically boils down to varying living room and bedroom decor for the two-bedroom "elegance" and "city living" areas, and an entire Swedish cottage replica for the "rustic charm" choice. The flatpack furnishing giant also promises a "remarkable wake up call," which hopefully includes some lingonberry jam toast deilvered straight to guests' MALMs. Take a look at the themed accommodations, below, and then head to the official Airbnb site to enter.

(↑) Ikea's "rustic charm" option.

(↑) Ikea's "modern elegance" option.

(↑) Ikea's "city living" option.

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