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This $75M Island Has a Golf Course and a Western Village

Considering the hefty $75M price tag, it stands to reason that James Island, a private listing located in Canada’'s Gulf Island archipelago, comes with amenities bonkers enough to make other islands look like ho-hum floating condos. Called an "exclusive retreat" that "compares to only a handful of international properties" by the brokerbabble, the elite property once served as agricultural settlement and industrial plant, and now uses its 780 acres to house a 5,000-square-foot masterpiece owner’s residence, surrounded by six "beautifully appointed guest cottages," a handful of private docks and airstrips, an ultra fancy pool house, a managers residence, and an entire old fashioned western village. Should this not sufficiently impress, another tip of the island makes room for a full 18-hole golf course. Check out a few pictures, below, then head over to Curbed Vancouver for the full gallery.

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