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Should Bud Light Turn Crested Butte Into Its Blue Bro Beerfest?

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Crested Butte - a town known for its quirky festivals, amazing mountain biking, and kickass skiing- is about to be transformed into a bright blue, Bud Light fantasy town called Whatever, USA. For the last several months there have been secret plans organized by Bud Light to take over the town as part of an online and television ad campaign called "Are You Up for Whatever." The three day event is paying the town $250,000 to bring 1,000 "up-for-anything" beer partiers to Crested Butte from September 5-7. But even though the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce organized a recent survey that found 90% of residents in favor of the event, not everyone is happy that this historic ski town is going to be transformed into a potentially tacky bright blue beer parlor. Curbed Ski breaks down what exactly is happening and then asks you: Do you think Crested Butte should become Whatever, USA?

According to the Denver Post, Bud Light event organizations have a lot planned for Whatever, USA.

· Elk Avenue and its lampposts are to be fenced off and painted Bud Light blue (there's an official color called that?)
· Street performers will roam the crowds
· There will be pop-up bars on Elk Avenue
· There will be a giant stage with live music
· A massive Twister game is rumored to be in the works
· Only Bud Light will be served in participating bars.
· Bud Light will also take over Crested Butte's Big Mine Ice Arena and the Center for the Performing Arts

Over 100,000 people have applied to be part of the Whatever town party, but only 1,000 will be allowed to come. Feel like killing some brain cells? Peruse the audition videos for Whatever, USA. Ten second clips show drunk idiots Bud Light drinkers answering questions like "What's your spirit animal?" and "If you come to Whatever Town, USA, what will you bring?" The answers are pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

Proponents of the plan argue that it makes good financial sense. The town will make money off of visitors in addition to the $250,000 payment from Anheuser-Busch. Some also say that it fits a town that is known for dressing up and throwing epic parties.

Opponents dislike the extensive secrecy around the event with some arguing the town shouldn't be used as a massive beer parlor. Others object to the town being turned into a quasi blue Disneyland and are upset that the uber-local Crested Butte has partnered with such a big, corporate beer maker. They wonder if Crested Butte's up-and-coming reputation can survive the event without looking like a sellout.

Perhaps the most pointed criticism is of the $250,000 price tag that Bud Light is forking over to the town. Really Crested Butte? You couldn't ask for more?

Allegedly, the event still needs final approval from the city so, Curbediverse, we're turning it over to you.

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