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Is the 'Cheesegrater,' the 'Best of the New London Towers'?

Over in the UK, The Observer's Rowan Moore writes that starchitect Richard Rogers' tower on London's Leadenhall Street, one long-derided as "the Cheesegrater" aside fellow British architect Norman Foster's Gherkin, is "likely to be the best" of London's recent batch of glassy builds.

"The Cheesegrater, in fact, is the reverse of the Gherkin, which looks good on the skyline but gets dumber as you get closer. It is also likely to be the best of the new London towers: it was conceived more than a decade ago, when building tall was still considered such a privilege that planners, like medieval priests selling indulgences, could demand such things from developers as the generous Popas and general quality of design. The 200-plus towers now on the way face no such rigour. So, despite its faults, we should appreciate its considerable qualities. They won't make them like they used to." Read on.

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