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17 Homes Proving That Melbourne Owns the Design Blog Game

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If the wild world of design blogs is any indication—and really, of course it is—it would appear that the entirety of Melbourne is not so much a bustling city down under, but instead one big glossy, photo-ready example of hipster-y home decor done right. Thanks a near endless supply of effortlessly cool homes chockfull of DIY carpentry, thrifted furniture, cheeky typography art, and attractive homeowners insisting their decorating mantra is to just "go with the flow," the rest of the home-owning world might as well just call it a day, take a one-stop-shop trip to Ikea, and leave the creative stuff to the sunny, good-natured pros. Scroll through 17 examples of Melbourne abodes absolutely crushing it, below, and try to resist the urge to buy a very expensive plane ticket immediately:

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) This converted factory home is decorated almost exclusively with thrift store finds, and has hosted two Beyonce music videos (a.k.a the highest honor a home can hope to achieve.)

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) Located in an old Art Deco building, this three-bedroom apartment was designed by three twenty-something roommates. Their style hack? Lots of artfully arranged stickers used as geometric wall decals.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) Home to Australian designer and floral artist Joost Bakker and his family, this former cherry farm property offers walls made up of wild, vertical strawberry gardens, and furniture that staunchly refuses to stay on the ground.

(↑) Australian painter Kirra Jamison pairs luscious paintings and thread-thin dreamcatchers with stark brick walls in her "hypervivid" studio. More photos, this way.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) This miniscule apartment squeezes dueling patterns and "New Zealand commune"-inspired decor (yep) into what used to be a double car garage.

(↑) A brilliant, tropical color palette and textured, slightly deconstructed walls make this two-story home special. There are also a ton of mirrors snuck into unexpected places, which makes the space seem much larger.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) Interior designer Mikayla Rose completely renovated her formerly dingy 1930′s deco apartment to "carefully customize each centimeter of space" to fit the needs of her three young children.

Photo via Design Milk

(↑) With no shortage of weird knick-knacks, Fashion designers Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach master the "artfully messy" look with aplomb.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) Home to a "vintage poster aficionado," this modernist cottage (of course) features lots of framed graphics and quirky prints.

(↑) Interior designer Hecker Guthrie's 1930's home goes ultra minimalist and neutral, with just a few paintings responsible for providing all the color.

(↑) Proving once again that Australian 20-somethings put Americans to shame when it comes to first forays into homeownership, landscape gardener Daniel Stray bought and restored this charming little Victorian cottage at the tender age of 20 years old. More photos, this way.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) Bright primary colors and natural timber brighten up what started as an "unremarkable 1950′s" apartment.

(↑) Interior designer Shareen Joel's beachy spread pairs an all-black exterior with simple, bright decor and a retro fireplace.

(↑) Artist Paula Mills opts vintage furniture with playful, curated collages in her eclectic home.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) Combining a love of surfing with a passion for interior design, artist Rowena Martinich's laid back, pastel duplex feels ultra luscious.

Photo via The Design Files

(↑) This quirky and apparently Indian-inspired abode opens up onto an equally lovely personal courtyard.

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