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1890s Cottage Was Designed Around Oddball Treasures

Home to professional antique collector Marnie Hawson, this 1890's weatherboard cottage in the petite Australian town of Riddells Creek is a shrine to slightly offbeat but "perfectly curated industrial and vintage gems," around which the rest of the home was modeled. Described as "minimalism with a good dose of character" by the homeowners, the vaguely Scandinavian pad opts for a neutral color palette as a backdrop, so that pieces like random old shoes, found signage, and retro bikes can shine.

Outside, there's also an old post office that has been transformed into an office and studio, decorated with fittingly antique furniture. "Find pieces you love to put in your house that you think will be timeless and will hold onto for a long time," advises Marnie. "Something with a story and character to it will win every time over a cheap mass-produced piece made in China." Take a closer look, this way.

· Marnie & Ryan's Vintage Treasures Country House [Apartment Therapy]