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Decorate Like a Rich Eccentric History Buff in 45 Easy Steps

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Recently put on the market in Saint James, N.Y., is a 13,000-square-foot mansion listed with $6M price tag and a complete dearth of useful information. Look past the overwhelmingly brown interior of this circa-1989 home, if you can, and the current owner's odd taste in decor reveals the dwelling as a perfect candidate for Millionaire I-Spy: Eccentric History Buff edition. Get schooled on this most sought-after look below:

1. Terracotta warriors under crystal chandeliers.

2. A well-guarded front entrance.

3. Compact disc jukeboxes with creepy doll-faces peering over them.

4. Coca-Cola bears, Snoopies, and Raggedy Ann heads watching televisions in black upholstered frames.

5. Tiny jukeboxes in glass cases.

6. Diorama-facing casinos.

7. Golden bodhisattvas.

8. Buddha statues and antique telescopes in the living room.

9. An ice cream bar (Papa's) with an ornate ceiling.

10. A collection of miniature old-timey food carts.

11. Popeye the Sailor Man and Terminator 3 pinball machines.

12. Ms. Pac-Man and San Francisco Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition arcade cabinets.

13. A TV-equipped wine bar with a highly abstract coat rack.

14. Eye of Sauron bathroom mirrors.

15. Expensive-looking tissue boxes.

16. Bathroom fireplaces.

17. Cornucopic wine-cellar murals.

18. Attic home theaters named after the castle and court of a legendary English king.

19. Wall swords.

20. Ominous red theater lighting.

21. Diminutive medieval ushers.

22. Antique vases the size of small children.

23. Golden swan sinks.

24. Nautical-themed bedrooms with golden ducks, outdated maps of the world, and model ships.

25. Another terracotta warrior standing watch by the poker table.

25. Tiffany billiards lights.

26. A dining room with twin buddha heads, a herd of miniature elephants, and a terracotta pony.

27. Fireplaces bizarrely placed under low slanted ceilings.

28. Dream-catching wooden horses flanked by trophies and coats of arms.

29. Wardrobes with shiny inset bars.

30. Pool-feeding square hot tubs next to outdoor fireplaces.

31. A globe in the study.

32. Desktop statues.

33. Severe and intimidating sleeping quarters with leafy ceiling fans.

34. Antler chandeliers hung with pots.

35. Oven-equipped kitchen islands with roosters in bowls on them.

36. Poolside sheep.

37. Wooden skeleton men in serapes playing chess.

38. Baby turtle decals.

39. Dolphin decals.

40. Sinks perpendicular to other sinks.

41. Bathrooms with stone bowl sinks, crystalline light fixtures, metal tulips, and tiny giraffes.

42. Dual backyard pelican statues.

43. An array of potted plants standing guard by the pool.

44. Backyard street lamps.

45. Prancing pony statues surrounded by overwhelming greenery.

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