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Surreal Architecture Shots Look Like Cityscapes From a Dream

Shot by Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Matthias Heiderich, these dreamy photographs of what might normally be totally unremarkable buildings—all located in Copenhagen, Malmö, Sweden, and Oslo and Tromsø in Norway—take on an almost Dr. Seussical feel when isolated, color-treated, and approached from unexpected angles. A nondescript water tower, for example, gets the full-on UFO treatment, while what's probably just an angular assortment of apartments looks like a tumbling waterfall of candy-colored presents. This nostalgia-tinged, kid-like approach to the ordinary, Heiderich explains, has always been a part of his work. "I really love color photographs from the 50s and 60s and old polaroids," says the artist. "This and memories from my childhood might have been some sort of unconscious inspiration while step-by-step discovering what kind of photographs I prefer to take." See a few more, below:

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