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Montana Pad Boasts Subterranean Stream and Lots of Scenery

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Location:Bozeman, Montana
Price: $2,495,000
The Skinny: A river literally runs through this house outside Bozeman, Montana, although one carved not by glaciers dragging themselves back and forth across the floor of the Gallatin Valley as the ice ages serially wax and wane, but by the home's designer, Czech-American architect Thomas Bitnar. The unique artificial water feature starts as a pool in the front yard, and runs downhill in a channel underneath the house, where it's viewable through a triangular inch-thick glass window placed in the floor. It's all part of a design scheme meant to emphasize indoor/outdoor living, an aim that also explains two observation decks, an outdoor fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling valley-viewing windows. The interiors are awash in bright maple and hickory, which particularly maximizes the natural lighting in the central great room, an airy space that's organized around a "Neolithic" (read: with rocks) fireplace. The 4,000-square-foot home is asking $2.495M, and comes with 40 scenic acres and the option to buy 40 more.

· 301 Elk Springs Road, Bozeman, Montana [Official Site]
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