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Bud Light Fantasy Town Still Needs Crested Butte Approval

News about Bud Light's proposed blue-colored fantasy town in Crested Butte, Colorado has traveled fast and while lots of people in town are excited about the idea, not everyone is pleased. What's all the hubbub about? For the last several months there have been secret plans organized by Bud Light to take over the town as part of an online and television ad campaign called "Are You Up for Whatever." The three day event is paying the town $250,000 to bring 1,000 "up-for-anything" beer partiers to Crested Butte from September 5-7. But the event isn't a done deal and at least one local is arguing that Crested Butte should demand more money.

Various news outlets are reporting that one resident, former Colorado Sen. Tim Wirth, called the $250,000 donation a "paltry and insulting sum." "My own view is that this is truly an inappropriate function for a town that has built its reputation so carefully," Wirth told ABC News. "It should cost them a pretty penny and they won't even notice it."

How much does Wirth think Crested Butte could ask from Anheuser-Busch? "Crested Butte has every bit of leverage right now to say to Bud Light, 'We'll approve your event if you send us a check for $10 million from a multibillion-dollar corporation,'" he said.

Others have criticized the event for its lack of transparency in the planning stages and for its potentially damaging impact to Crested Butte's image.

So will Crested Butte demand more than $250,000? We shall see, as the town is hosting a public hearing and council vote Friday about the proposed plans.

In the meantime, Curbed Ski has a poll asking readers if they think Bud Light's Blue Fantasy Town is good for Crested Butte. Head over here to vote.

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