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Everything is Embellished in This Rose-Tinted Victorian

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Last sold in 2009 for $260K, the nationally registered Orrin W. Burritt Mansion of Weedsport, N.Y., appears to have been thoroughly touched up by the current owners. That would explain why it was listed for $399K in 2012, as well as how a home dating back to 1876 got to looking so fine. Built, like most of the other astoundingly ornate Upstate New York estates of the era, by a newly rich industrialist, the home is a bit of an architectural hodgepodge, according to the listing,
"mining Romanesque, Gothic, Italian, French, Spanish, and Moorish sources for inspiration and design details" to break away from the "soberness of the Federal and Greek Revival styles of the early 19th century."

Burritt commissioned the home in the style of domestic architecture favored by landscape architect, designer, and "general arbiter of taste Andrew Jackson Downing." The site has a trove of archival photos, as well as a detailed explanation of how the "gently pointed arches and the slender twisted columns," for example, betray a Moorish influence, or how an original Italianate rooftop turret has since been removed. For our purposes, it's worth noting how there's hardly a single surface isn't the home that isn't floridly and often beautifully embellished. Over the past few years, the price on this 4,000-square-foot five-bedroom has since been steadily dropped to the current ask of $275K.

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