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Here's a Sharp Cabin Designed to Make State Parks Cool Again

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Ask a "millennial" what they think about camping and you will likely get some variation on "huh?" before you've lost your bid on whatever small sliver of their already short attention span is reserved for IRL communication. The Wedge is one of ten cabin prototypes that architecture grad students at Cal Poly Pomona designed to change all that, by revamping "California's 280 state parks so a wider array of people, especially millennials, would attend," a rep for the school's College of Environmental Design told Curbed LA. If that was indeed their goal, the final product should probably include at least one iPhone dock.

The students were set to this redoubtable task by California's Parks Forward commission. Along with the pointed front porch, the 145-square-foot Wedge also has an angled roof that allows for clerestory windows, bringing extra light into the relatively spare interior, which incorporates a full bed, a twin-size bunk, and benches at the foot of each. As of July, when it was featured at the California State Fair, the design was one of the four finalists, one of which could be ready for implementation by the end of the year, according to a university newsletter.

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