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This Boho Farmhouse Should Be Wearing a Giant Flower Crown

Though as a general rule Ibiza real estate tends to swing more towards the clubby and neon-lit than the wholesome and hippie-esque, this renovated former farmhouse offers a totally boho reprieve smack in the middle of the party capitol of the world. Home to interior decorator Louis Galliussi, the interiors feature mostly "natural materials" (read: many plants in the house, including a chandelier made from flowers) and combines artfully clashing patterns in lush hues, all of which looks vaguely akin to summer music festival ware. Other unexpected elements include a bit of "decorative fishnet art" (which is a thing that exists, apparently) in the living room and cheerful bunting in the kitchen. Outside, a large portion of patio space is devoted to an extremely cool man-made beach. Find a few more shots, below, then head over to Style Files for a the full tour.

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