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Kesha Buys a Tasteful House Because She is a Woman of Taste

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Kesha, the great divider, she who hath inherited the world and found it lacking in glitter, just provided further evidence that despite her willingness to collaborate with Pitbull, she is a person of taste. The now dollar-sign-less pop singer has nabbed a Spanish-style home in Venice, L.A. that isn't the grotto-equipped blacklit party palace with the panda cuddle pit that her I-have-never-not-been-drunk lyrics might suggest she would buy. Nope. It's really quite nice!

Here's how just fine the 1920s bungalow is: French doors, arched entryways, fun checkered tiles, a detached artist's studio. Basically there are none of the usual trappings one would associate with a home bought by a talk-singing 27-year-old who has worn an upside-down cross on a Today Show performance. The going price was a reasonable $1.65M.

· Kesha lands house in Venice [LA Times via Curbed LA]
· 209 Rennie Avenue [Partners Trust]