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Who Knew Ikea Was So Popular Before 1650?

Whenever Ikea does something zany, be it invite folks to spend the night in its showrooms or populate ads with people-size dolls, it's worth taking a step back and remembering nothing under the sun is ever new, ever. Case in point: a single-topic Tumblr which reveals that people have been heehawing over how hard it is to put together a MALM since long before Ikea was even founded. The blog is IKEA b4 XVI. Its singular mission? Pointing out Ikea pieces hiding in paintings predating the year 1650.
Yes, the gang's all here. A 15th-century Santos Juanes altarpiece? That's a BEKVÄM stepladder in the background. Also, according to a depiction by Hieronymus Bosch, the magi didn't present the Christ child with his gifts until after Mary had taken her seat on a flatwoven STOCKHOLM rug. Check out the highlights below for further evidence of just how hard the IKEAlluminati has been working.

· Ikea b4 XVI [via Jezebel]