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Take a Tour Through Aspen Snowmass in 1967

On today's time-traveling journey into the ski maps of yesteryear, we're headed to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen includes not one but four ski areas, the first of which (Aspen Mountain) was founded in 1946 by Walter Paepcke's Aspen Skiing Company. Ajax, as locals call it, was followed by Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk in 1958 and Snowmass in 1967. Let's take a tour back to the Swinging Sixties and see what each ski resort looked like.

First, here's Aspen Mountain from 1967:

Next, here's Aspen Highlands from 1967 (click to expand):

And here's Buttermilk in 1967 (Click to expand):

Finally, here's the newly opened Snowmass mountain in 1967 (click to expand):

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