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Why Did Angie and Brad Even Honeymoon if This is Their Home?

While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no doubt still basking in the glow of their perfectly executed secret wedding and family-friendly honeymoon, all of which took place over the weekend at the world's prettiest French chateau, they may have made one crucial mistake in the haze of their nuptial bliss. See, while the couple owns a lot of really choice real estate around the globe—think Malibu pads and New Orleans mansions—their spectacular estate in the hills of Valpolicella, Italy, would have been the absolute perfect honeymoon locale. The 15-bedroom, 18,000-square-foot palace, which the couple bought for $40M in 2010, offers a home movie theater, two enormous swimming pools, a private gym and several jacuzzis, all surrounded by stables and a private vineyard. Take a look at the passed-over vacation locale, below:

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