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A Brutal Critique of Calatrava's Transit Hub: the Visual Tour

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To say that Santiago Calatrava, international starchitect and grand purveyor of winged white things, is not exactly a media darling would be an understatement akin to "architecture in China is fairly creative" or "Daniel Libeskind is not quite the most beloved architect around." In March, for example, the New York Times said Calatrava's World Trade Center transit hub, a structural "bird in flight" set to wrap construction at the end of 2014, had "clunky fixtures and some rough workmanship" that made it "look cheap." Of course, before that, the Spanish city of Valencia sued the architect because his grossly over-budget opera house was, uh, kind of falling apart. And now the New York Post's Steve Cuozzo, a critic that oft sticks to restaurant reviews, has unleashed the harshest, most outlandish critique of them all. "Here comes The Calatrasaurus," it begins, and it doesn't mellow out from there. Below, a visual tour of the most insane lines from the critique.

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