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Grab a 'Reincarnated' 19th-Century Grand Hacienda for $7.5M

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Built in the 1880s, New Mexico's Rancho de Abiquiú was originally the home of Jose Pablo Gallegos, a descendent of one Rosalia Valdes, who an extensive and florid history of the home identifies as a "resourceful young woman" who worked with her two brothers to secure the original Plaza Colorada land grant from the governor in charge of the territory, and was awarded a larger parcel than either. After the Mexican Cession, the land and home were eventually acquired by East Coast industrialist Patrick T. Jackson, who swept in "as if the ancients conjured a guardian angel," bringing the ranch "under his protective wing" in 1918.

The property has passed through many hands in the years since, serving as a "fully operational working ranch," an "exclusive hunting camp and retreat," a shooting location for the 1973 Kirk Douglas film Running Wild, and the home of a community of American Muslims funded by the Saudi royal family. "Reincarnated," according to the listing, by architects John Arrison and Sharon Woods back in 1993, the purportedly 24,000-square-foot main house offers one the non-literal but probably still cool opportunity to "step back in time as you stroll through the vaulted halls and hand plastered walls." Significantly reduced from an earlier ask of $12.7M, the hacienda and a smattering of outbuildings on 263 acres are now on offer for $7.5M.

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