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Here's the Inevitable Lego Replica of the Entire Simpsons World

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Sometimes it seems like one is not a true fan of a pop cultural craze unless one has spent hours (and hundreds of dollars) creating elaborately detailed Lego replicas of the sets spotted in the series. There was the Golden Girls fan who remade Blanche Devereaux's house, the Harry Potter obsessive who built a 400,000-brick Hogwarts, the Lego Batcave, the Ghostbusters HQ, and the Lord of the Rings tower. Now Flickr user Matt De Lanoy has meticulously recreated the Simpsons town of Springfield, complete with Moe's Tavern, Krusty Burger, the Flanders' house, the nuclear power plant, and, of course, the abode of the titular family (though that, it should be said, has been done before). The full photo set is this way.

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