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Buildings Like Giant Windows to Pop Up in (Where Else?) China

Global engineering and design studio Atkins has been chosen to develop what's been titled "Window to Guangzhou," a waterfront complex consisting of three separate office towers, two of which are fashioned to look like giant window frames. Those familiar with the SHoP-designed craziness coming to Brookyln's waterfront will probably do a double take, seeing as both designs have not one but two towers with holes in the middle.

That this kind of familiar flashiness should come to China is no surprise, considering how thoroughly the country's urban centers seem to be embracing their reputations as copycat-friendly Wild Wests of high-flying development, where all of the many large-scale projects are giant somethings.

Plans for a tower-size "frame" have also been floated for Dubai and Peru. Heck, Guangzhou already has one that the locals love to hate. From a distance, this one is meant to read as "001," symbolizing Guangzhou's history as the first Chinese city to open up to international trading, so let it no be said that the design completely disregards context. Design Boom has more details.

· Atkins appointed to design Window of Guangzhou in China [Design Boom]