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Vienna's 'Hammock House' Gets an Industrial Second Act

Because duh, are you kidding me, why would you not, Vienna has rebuilt a five-story structure devoted entirely to hammocks that was first realized in the square of the city's Museumsquartier in 2011. For its second run, the Flederhaus (combining the German words for "bat" and "house") has gone up in Flugfeld Aspern, a developing district on the outskirts of the city, which gives the project an interesting twist, situating a whimsical prefabricated hangout in an area many residents wouldn't otherwise travel to.

Aside from providing free access to 32 hammocks—now with a view dominated by tower cranes rather than historic buildings—the self-consciously house-shaped set of platforms also functions as an "information point," and (fun fact) has no structural connection to the ground. Get a closer Austrian firm heri&salli's most delightful of designs below:

· Hammock House by heri&salli rebuilt for second incarnation in Vienna [Design Boom]