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Thailand Beach House is One Great Big Indoor Playplace

Remember being seven years old and frolicking in the lost-Bandaid-infested pools of plastic balls at McDonalds? The glee you felt getting shocked by the slides at Burger King? The elation of bruised knees crawling through the pink plastic tunnels at Chuck E. Cheese (or Discover Zone, if that was your bag)? Imagine having that experience all the time in your own house. That's the thought behind Jerry House, a seaside holiday home in Thailand designed by quirky architecture firm Onion. Owners requested that their summer house encourage the family and its visitors to interact with the architecture itself, and Onion built a sophisticated, six-floor play palace, complete with floors made of netting and windows like pentagons.

· Onion Envisions House in Thailand as a Giant Indoor Playground [Design Boom]