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Martyn Lawrence Bullard Does Chez Hilfiger, Insanity Ensues

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At his best and worst high-end designer to the stars Martyn Lawrence Bullard dunks interiors in the blaring colors and surface-swallowing patterns (yes, even for dollhouses!), and, as evidenced in Architectural Digest's recent feature, he's not going to dial it down for a fellow designer, not even if said designer is Tommy Hilfiger, the guy who's made a fashion empire on foundations of crisp Americana and the staidest of prep. In fact, from the looks of the yellow polka-dotted bedroom, the red-and-navy panels of faux suede in the office, and striated red and purple floors of the living, Bullard had even more fun than usual. Or, as AD writes, the house offers no dearth of "spectacular moments, whimsical flourishes, and astonishing coups de théâtre"

Hilfiger wanted his Miami house to reflect the area, one defined by "the weather, the Latin flavor, the art, and the palm trees. Most of all we're here for the fun," he tells AD. He and his wife bought the 14,000-square-foot modern abode in 2007 and shortly thereafter began moving in their hefty pop art collection, which had no say in the couple's Connecticut house ("very country, with lots of taxidermy") or place on Mustique Island (a "British Colonial vibe"). They turned to Bullard to create a space that "attuned to the rhythms and colors of Miami," writes AD. "I told Martyn, 'If it's not shagadelic or groovy, it's not coming into the house,'" Hilfiger's wife, Dee, tells AD.

How did Bullard manage the aesthetic he (accurately) labeled as "part art gallery and part 1960s-'70s disco madness"? In the master bedroom: Marilyn Monroe photographs by Bert Stern, a lamb's-wool throw and carpet, and a vintage mirrored four-poster bed. In the living room: a collaborative painting by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat and a red-and-purple rug designed by Bullard. In the bedroom: yellow polka dots, a vintage chandelier, and another original work by Warhol.

More photos, over at Architectural Digest.

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