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Japan's 'Rain Shelter House' is Like a Village Under a Tarp

Aptly titled Rain Shelter House, this recently completed home by Japan's Y+M Design Office is comprised of a handful of gabled boxes organized beneath a canopy of folded steel. Taking the aversion to walls displayed by many contemporary Japanese architects and combining it with the houses-within-houses trend that seems to be taking off there, the firm surrounded the village of wooden volumes with a glass perimeter, turning the center of the room into a courtyard that's open to the outside world but protected from the elements.

The second floor of one of the timber-lined sheds contains the children's bedroom, which is linked via an open terrace to a study area. The separation of the structures, which include a bedroom for the client's mother-in-law, allow for privacy within an otherwise open space, which is pretty nifty. Head to Design Boom for more views on the project.

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