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Tour the Ornate, Empty Rooms of L.A.'s Largest Home

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UPDATE: Photos have been redacted. Happy reading.

Last fall, an anonymously submitted aerial shot yielded one of the first glimpses of what's considered to be the largest home in L.A. Built on three acres in Bel Air, the 60,000-square-foot mansion was given the name Chateau des Fleurs, because, as Curbed LA once pointed out, developers still don't seem to consider naming their houses like French palaces an ill omen, or at least pretty ironic and gauche. The home, originally "expected to sell" for over $100M—which, thanks to the $88M sale of Fleur de Lys earlier this year, doesn't seem as far beyond the pale as it once did—must be about done, because a crop of interior shots published by Homes of the Rich sure look as if the developers are gearing up to list the place.

The photos, taken as promo shots for architect William Hefner with the idea of doing a "before and after theme for a coffee table book, showing the rooms with natural light and the stillness of the spaces before each is dynamically changed when furnishings are installed," were first revealed on the blog of architectural and interior photographer James Ray Spahn, in a post entitled "South of France meets California." (Keen followers of the new-ish class of mega-sized L.A. McChateaux will recognize this kind of language from Dr. Dre's recently acquired "French Chateau via the Pacific Coast Highway," designed by mansion architect Richard Landry, or from Kim and Kanye's "French Country piece de resistance.")

Spahn goes on to describe the home as one of the most beautiful spaces he's ever photographed, and maybe this is just the lack of poor decor speaking, but it certainly looks classier and more Versailles-y than most of its peers, Petra Ecclestone's recently listed "Manor" in particular. It's been reported that, of the home's 60,000 square feet of interior space, only about 40,000 are considered habitable by the city of L.A., with the remaining third consisting of underground parking and storage space, so Chateau des Fleurs may only be considered the largest home in L.A. in the same sense that One World Trade's spire counts in the battle for tallest building in the Western hemisphere. Even if the designation sticks, the mansion will undoubtedly soon be unseated by another goliath compound, like the 70,000-square-foot home going up nearby.

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