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Behold Vail Mountain's Ski Trail Map From 1980

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On today's time-traveling journey into the ski maps of yesteryear, we're headed to Vail, Colorado. Since it opened in December, 1962 with only one gondola, two chairs, and nine ski runs, Vail has transformed into one of the best-known and largest ski areas in the world. Need proof? Check out this throwback ski map from 1980. You'll see that 34 years ago Vail was a huge mountain, but compare it to today's map and you'll be astounded. In 1980 there was only one lift (High Noon Ridge) serving Vail's back bowls and Blue Sky Basin was a powderhound's dream. What other changes do you see?

First, here's the front side of Vail Mountain in 1980 (click to expand):

And here are Vail's legendary back bowls from the same year (click to expand):

Now see if you can spot all the changes. Here is Vail today (click to expand):

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