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Lovely White House in Nantucket Conceals a Garden of Chintz

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Up for $7.9M in Nantucket, is what must be one of the country's most perfect places to throw a tea party—like maybe number four on that list. The estate, known as the George C. Gardner House comes with more than half an acre of "magnificent gardens and landscaping" (if the brokerbabble, of course, is to be believed) ripe for an early-afternoon perusal, and the structure itself, which was completely restored in 2005, comes replete with windows, which gives its architecture an airy feel not super common in staid Nantucket fare. The interiors, including its eight bedrooms and nine full baths, leave something to be desired—but boy oh boy is that something not chintz. Because there is a lot of chintz.

· 141 Main Street Nantucket, Massachusetts [Sotheby's Realty]
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