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Presenting the Top 5 Ways to Get Stoked For Winter NOW

It's that time of the year again. The lifts have been closed for a while and you've entered serious snow deprivation. But don't worry, in just a few short months the powdery white stuff will be back and winter will be in full swing. Until then, here are 5 best ways to get stoked for winter, ASAP.

5. Buy some new gear: Now's the time to go through your ski/snowboard bag and figure out which jacket is looking sad, which gloves need duct tape ASAP, and whether or not your boots can make it through another season. Do this pre-season ritual now and you won't be caught off-guard by 44 inches of snow at Wolf Creek in October.

4. Tune your skis or snowboard: This might seem a little pointless, but there's something really satisfying about getting your skis or snowboard out and tuning them to perfection. The smell of wax and the rhythm of tuning will make you feel calmer, even if just for a second.

3. Hit the gym: We're not big into the whole "get-into-ski-shape" scene, but let's face it, you could probably benefit from a few rounds on the stair master. It's been a long summer of beer and BBQ's, so make an extra effort now and it'll pay dividends in the park or on a pow day in a few months.

2. Attend an urban rail jam: We love events like Denver's Snowboard on the Block, a huge season kickoff party that's part film festival, part music festival, and all snowboard stoke. This year it returns to Downtown Denver on Saturday, September 13, closing off three blocks in the Rino Arts District. Planned and coordinated by Snowboard Colorado and hosted this year by Danny Kass and the Dingo, you can expect lots of pro riders, 25 tons of real snow, and the biggest rail jam the streets of Denver have ever seen. Not near the Mile High City? Check around for other events in your urban oasis, even Boston has a winter kickoff party each November.

1. Attend a movie premier: There's nothing better than gathering in a dark theater with like-minded snow addicts to watch the latest and greatest ski and snowboard edits. You can expect free schwag, cheap(ish) drinks, and a rowdy good time. Which films should be on your radar? Don't miss Teton Gravity Research's Higher, the third installment in a series on 10-time "Big Mountain Rider of the Year" (Snowboarder) Jeremy Jones or their other 2014 film, Almost Ablaze. Another good choice is Matchstick Productions two-year project, Days of My Youth. A collaboration with Red Bull Media House, Days of My Youth features big-mountain skiers like Mark Abma and Cody Townsend skiing the sickest lines you can imagine. Tours for most ski films start in September.

That's it snow lovers! Start your snow dance, the season is just around the corner.

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