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Who Took a Bite Out of This Deliciously Mod Dutch House?

Thanks to a massive, modern new edition to this century old cottage in Duiven, The Netherlands, the once charmingly simple little home has boldly reemerged on the scene as House W, an angular, armored structure with a big, avant garde bite taken out of one side. Local firm Studio PROTOTYPE used a combination of aluminum and red cedar siding throughout to make the old home and the new wing feel as cohesive as possible, and also "reinterpreted" the roof to accommodate both the existing chimney and a set of new skylights. Inside, the minimalist interiors are a collaboration between the homeowners and design team, who both hoped to let the architectural details shine. Thanks to the angular new shape, an L-shaped veranda opens up onto the surrounding backyard, lending the little home a sort of "garden oasis" feel. Find a few more photos, below, then head over to Architizer for the full gallery.

· House W [Architizer]