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Zaha Hadid to Celebrate Math By Making it Super Sinuous

Critic-suing blob-creator Zaha Hadid, the most sought-after architect in the world, has been announced as the winner of a the commission for a new math-focused gallery for the Science Museum in London. With an experimental British airplane hung from the ceiling and wrapped in the sinuous embrace of a cuttlefish-like volume, the design is meant to "transform seemingly abstract mathematical concepts into an exciting interactive experience for visitors of all ages," presumably by presenting them among further layers of otherworldly abstraction.

Hadid, who was recently selected to design a set of champagne-flute skyscrapers for Brisbane, says she's looking to chart "the many influences of mathematics in our everyday lives" and create an "exciting interactive experience for visitors of all ages." Head to Dezeen for the full story.

· Zaha Hadid to create maths gallery at London's Science Museum [Dezeen]