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Self-Sufficient Retreat Radiates Strong 'Leave Me Alone' Vibes

Built for a frequent international traveller as a welcomed respite from the bustling outside world, the Tintaldra Cabin sits utterly neighborless in a rural valley in Australia. Costing about $175,500 to construct, the retreat exists completely off-the-grid, with solar panels lining the cabin's roof, septic and rainwater collection tanks, and—at least from a distance—a build so unassuming that it practically looks like a deserted old shed. Though its pretty simple compared to other bonkers projects the "prefabricated architecture specialists" at Modscape have designed for the area, mainly considering the fact that its actually on the ground, the efficient open-plan interior boasts a full-sized master bedroom, a modest kitchen, and a living and dining room area. Bid adieu to civilization forever and come take a look, below:

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