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Buy the Glassy, Rustic '70s Abode of the 'Green Martha Stewart'

Green lifestyle guru Danny Seo, who was born on Earth Day in 1977 and has since turned "Eco-Stylist" into a full-time gig, has put his circa-1970 Bucks County home on the market for $750K. Seo, who the Washington Post once dubbed the "Green Martha Stewart," launched a niche green living magazine back in April dubbed Naturally, Danny Seo, and according to the New York Post, he's moving to New York to work on it. No, the home of JCPenney's Green Living Partner and the co-star of HGTV's Red Hot & Green does not disappoint in the slightest when it comes to self-consciously rustic decor, eco-friendly-sounding amenities, and fabrics that are literally green. It also doesn't look half bad.

First, let's examine what Seo had to say about his own house in his own magazine. In "Living in a Glass House…"—the go-to title for articles about homes with a few stretches of floor-to-ceiling panes, which here are offset rather deftly, it must be said, with weathered ceiling beams, and a fireplace and foyer of river stone—he tells an interviewer he was attracted to the house because "it was Japanese temple meets Bucks County farmhouse—east meets west, which sort of describes me. It also has the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere—I can see nothing but trees and the creek from my office—but around the corner are all the conveniences of a suburb." It's also, by Seo's own admission, said to be haunted, "which has freaked out several friends and most dogs that visit. Even the most chill dogs will find the same corner and just start barking into it." Ghosts: they hate them some green TV personalities.

The home sits on two wooded acres in Jameson, Pennsylvania, on a hillside overlooking a stream. As the listing tells it, "great care was taken in creating an Eco-friendly environment without disturbing the original artistic and workmanship evident throughout," referring perhaps to the built-in charging station for electric cars. Tour the two-bedroom below, and take note of the spiffy new-ish kitchen partitioned off the living room.

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