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Amsterdam Loft is Everything a Warehouse Home Should Be

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Officially the only home on the planet to ever pull off an indoor fashion teepee, this former warehouse makes for one impressively sleek, yet very warm and inviting family abode. Home to contractor and interior designer Marius Havercamp, his designer wife Emily, and their four children, the home sits in the heart of what Milk magazine calls a "bourgeois bohemian neighborhood of Amsterdam," and offers traces of its industrial past in the form of exposed red brick walls and sky-high unfinished ceilings, which mix nicely with modern renovations and a new glass and steel courtyard in the center of the home.

According to the Havercamps, the key to keeping their "joyful family cocoon," well, joyful, is a decidely unfussy approach to decor. There's plenty of open space, an overall minimalistic vibe, and stunning pieces like handmade black clay chandelier peacefully cohabiting with tons of kids' toys. (Honestly, though, the teepee is still really dumb. Sorry!) See the full gallery, this way.

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